Hey beautiful,

Be your best brand ambassador?  What exactly does this mean?

When you are looking for brand ambassadors to show off your business and products, what are you looking for?  People with enthusiasm for your product I expect.  People that can take good quality photographs.  People that understand what your business is all about and want to shout about it to their audience.  People that represent your brand in a really positive way.


Now look at what you do as a business owner?  Shouldn’t you be doing the exact same thing?  Shouting about your makes with oodles of enthusiasm and being proud?  Showing people how good your work is?  Taking amazing quality photographs so your products are shown at their very best?  Showing contagious excitement, joy, and a passion for all that you do.


And are you?

Can you honestly say that you are being your brand’s very best ambassador right now?  Are you oozing with confidence, belief and a passion for your work,  and demonstrating that wherever you go?

And not just in your social media posts.

Think about the comments section too.  Are you shining the best light on your business there as well?  Are you building relationships by having conversations or are you just clicking that heart button and moving on?  Are you replying to a long, well thought out comment with a simple, ‘Thanks’ that leaves the commenter feeling unappreciated and a bit urgh?

How we represent our business on social media – both in our posts & in the comment section (both in your own and in others), will be noticed.  I know that I notice the effort and yes, rightly or wrongly, it does help me to form an opinion.  Be sure to show that you care about your business and appreciate the support.

And PLEASE don’t play the like & unfollow when liked back game.  It’s simply nasty.  Follow those you want to genuinely support and interact with, don’t just follow people to build your numbers up, have them support you with comments and shares and then unfollow.  It’s and outdated marketing technique that is still taught in some circles, but it’s not good practice.

Be a supporter, not a selfish user.

So are you the best brand ambassador for your business right now?  If not, why?

Happiness & Blessings
Jules x

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