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The Customer Journey

As a handmade business owner, do you currently have a sales funnel in place? Ok, ok, I hear you all crying out with a "A say what now Jules?!" A big thing I continuously hear people struggling with in their handmade business is gaining consistent sales. Having a well...

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Best Brand Ambassador

Hey beautiful, Be your best brand ambassador?  What exactly does this mean? When you are looking for brand ambassadors to show off your business and products, what are you looking for?  People with enthusiasm for your product I expect.  People that can take good...

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What is a call to action (CTA)? Hey hey handmade business friends, I thought I would pop on in with another tip for you, are you finding this series useful? Let's talk CTA's. Firstly, what is a CTA? If you are unsure - let me help. It's a Call To Action. Put simply,...

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Online market nights

What are online market nights and what do you have to do as a seller? Having recently set up the first market night for Growing Handmade members to take part in over on Facebook, I have received numerous queries from people asking what a market night actually is, and...

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Let’s talk Self-Employment

I expect that the majority of those reading this have heard the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” a hundred times.  But unfortunately it’s not always so easy to take the plunge and dive into self-employment, and nor does the lifestyle...

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Facebook Page or Group?

When you use Facebook as part of your social media marketing strategy, you can have a business Facebook page or a group (or both!) .  But many people are confused between the two - so what's the difference? A Facebook page works like a public profile.  It allows your...

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Let’s Talk Target Customers

You may have seen a recent Facebook post on my page discussing Target Customers and it really got me thinking about how difficult so many people find the concept of narrowing down their audience. So often I ask people who their target market is and I hear ‘Erm,...

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5 Tips for Better Focus

1.  Know your Goal. It's all too easy to get completely distracted by social media, emails, Pinterest browsing, etc - that time can just fly by and before you know it, blink and the day has gone. One thing that can help you stay on task and focussed is to stop and ask...

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Is Networking Harmful?

I have noticed that a huge number of crafters are active in various networking and engagement groups on Facebook and Instagram.  For those that haven't heard of such a thing, these groups are set up to help small business owners gain comments and post likes on their...

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Show and Add Value

When putting your products out there on social media and hoping they catch someone's eye - who will then go on to purchase something from you, you should always be thinking... "Show and Add Value"  But what does that mean?  Well, when you are posting a product on your...

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Pricing Handmade

Along with knowing who you aiming to serve in your business (your target customer), your pricing strategy is vitally important to the health and sustainability of your business. I see people making the mistake of undervaluing their work over and over. This can be due...

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Hashtags on Facebook?

Should you use hashtags on Facebook? When asking experts just a few short months ago if hashtags should be used on Facebook,  it appeared to be a question that really divided opinion.  Although some social media experts would suggest that using hashtags was of no use...

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