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verified scheme

What is it?

The scheme has been set up to help establish a sense of trust between handmade seller and buyer.

Why is it necessary?

Unfortunately seeing non-handmade goods being passed off as handmade is a common occurrence online.  These items are often imported from overseas, and lack the quality that genuine handmade creators strive for.  Sadly even marketplaces known for handmade such as Etsy, are having an influx of non-handmade goods being listed as handmade, which is obviously damaging to the authentic handmade business community and devalues handmade goods.

How does the scheme work?

Growing Handmade verified badges like the one below, are given out ONLY to handmade businesses that fit all of the following criteria:
1.  Is a member of the Growing Handmade Business Club.
2.  Is a verified maker and seller of handmade goods.
3.  Is a genuine business providing good customer service.

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Verify a member - all messages are responded to within 24 hours.


The scheme has been set up by Jules, handmade seller of over 20 years and founder of the Growing Handmade Business Hub.

How are businesses verified?

All members of the scheme must be paying members of Growing Handmade – a membership club for handmade business owners.  As the club founder, Jules is able to get to know each and every member and their business personally (online), and can verify that their business is genuine and they are a creator of handmade goods.  All members have to be a part of the membership for at least a month before a badge is offered – unless the business is known to Jules personally beforehand.
Jules also has the right to refuse a badge to those who haven’t yet proved their handmade status.

How can a buyer use the scheme?

1.  A buyer sees a badge and wishes to verify the authenticity of that business.
2.  The buyer can search for Growing Handmade and will see a link to the verified section of the website.
3.  They can then message Jules to check on the verification status of that business by asking about the membership number and/or business name.  Jules will reply, verifying that the business is indeed a handmade seller, and will link to all of the genuine online spaces that seller can be found.

Are you a handmade business And wish to join the scheme?

Sign up to the Growing Handmade membership club for just £5 a month.

** Neither Growing Handmade or Jules, are to be held responsible for any transactions carried out as a result of the verification scheme.
All transactions are between the seller and buyer only, and we are not a third party agent or responsible for any poor service or missing items.  Please do your own research alongside verifying the business with the Growing Handmade verified badge scheme.

Jules, founder of Growing Handmade

Hello, I‘m Jules.  Wife of one, mother of many, and founder of Growing Handmade.

I’m a passionate advocate of all things handmade and small business.  I’ve been involved in the crafting community here in the UK for over 30 years – and have successfully sold an eclectic mix of my makes for at least 20 of those years.  I created Growing Handmade so I could to pass on my knowledge, spread the word about the wonderful world of handmade, and help other crafters and creative souls also do what they love as a job – be it full time, part time, or a small income bringing in side-hustle – and achieve their own versions of success.

Supporting others in the business building journeys and witnessing growth – in self-belief, confidence and in business terms – truly lifts my soul – because I know how it feels to actually start succeeding!   I’m now on a mission to help as many handmade businesses as possible to LEARN, GATHER, AND GROW.

If you want to stop being a confused and overwhelmed hobby maker, and start to become a more got it together handmade business owner (without needing to be a yucky, pushy sales pro), whilst having a supportive community around you, then this is 100 per cent the right membership club for you.