where passion for ethical business practices and quality products unites with the power of COMMUNITY support.

Welcome to Small Biz Folk, where we stand united in supporting UK small businesses and advocating for ethical consumer choices.

We are on a mission is to champion UK makers and entrepreneurs and encourage conscious consumerism and sustainability.

We understand the struggles you face as your unique, high-quality products are undervalued by an influx of cheap alternatives and your business is overshadowed by powerful marketing techniques.

Help us to support and empower UK makers, creatives and ethical small business owners, and together we can fight back against the mass-produced, unethical imports.

For just £5 a month, you can be part of a movement focused on sustainable growth, fair market practices, and mindful shopping, AND receive access to business support, collaboration opportunities, business advertising and take part in our quarterly selling events.

Join us and become a UK Small Business advocate today.

Lather and Dab
Scent Bunny
CSJ Embroidery
Isle Stitch
Reviva Designs 1
A Little Gift of Love
Time for Me Tea
Victoria Hackett

It is easy to feel isolated, alone and the odd one out when running a business in an ethical, transparent, non-hustling, feel good way.

By joining our community, you are not just gaining exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and marketing support — you are becoming part of a movement that celebrates and preserves the unique artistry and integrity of UK based creators and businesses.

Connect with like-minded people within the Small Business Folk collective, and become part of a community dedicated to supporting brands that have mindful consumption, eco-sustainability, and ethical marketing at the very heart of all that they do. 

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