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The affordable membership community for uk based makers, creatives, and ethical small business owners.

In an age dominated by mass-produced cheap imports, our mission is to uplift and empower small UK-based businesses – from crafting artisans to ethical product retailers – who share our ethos and values. 

By joining our community, you are not just gaining exclusive resources, collaboration and networking opportunities, and marketing support — you are becoming part of a movement that celebrates and preserves the unique integrity and craftsmanship of local creators and ethical businesses.

Together, we can build a thriving ecosystem that values sustainability, creativity, and the vibrant spirit of ethical commerce.

our Membership: Simple and Affordable

  • Price: Just £5 per month
  • Benefits:
  • Access to forums and community support.
  • Exclusive resources and business guides.
  • Marketing assistance and exposure.
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly Workshops and training sessions.
  • Your business logo and link on our websites.
  • Collaboration opportunities.
  • Quarterly Selling Events.
  • Weekly Co-Working Sessions.

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Forums & Community

Join our online community spaces – on Facebook and off social media, for connections and support.

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The resource hub

An evergrowing range of resources covering a broad range of business related topics.

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A monthly live chat  or video training session on a topic that will help you in your business building journey.

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Build relationships and join forces with other members to collaborate on a product, event, or marketing.

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Quarterly selling events

Join in with our quarterly selling events to advertise your products and grow your audience.

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co-working hours

Come along to our weekly co-working sessions. Being a solo business owner doesn’t have to be lonely!

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